Our sound is sick.  Steamworks house DJs produce our exclusive testosterone fueled sounds live in our clubs across North America. See and hear our DJs perform live every weekend and during special events.  Learn more about the music, and the men behind it:

DJ Little Rock

DJ Little Rock

Little Rock started his DJ career in NYC in 1991 with a bang. His first residency was Saturdays in the Engine Room of the legendary Palladium nightclub with Lee Chappell. Later, Peter Gatien moved him to Saturdays at the even more notorious Limelight where he really honed his love for techno and underground house. He also played at Tunnel, USA, Sound Factory Bar, Save The Robots, J’s Hangout, Barracuda and G. In 1999 he moved to San Francisco and began working for his husband Steven Scarborough at Hot House Entertainment. Little Rock has produced and remixed dozens of artists including Whitney Houston, Madonna, and Double Plus Good’s “Winding Song” which went to the #2 spot on Billboard’s Dance 100 Chart. Guests at Steamworks get to hear his new works first, including recently Meatloaf’s “Hot Summer Nights” and “Steamworks”, a track written expressly for the club.  

“There’s an awesome creative freedom I enjoy when playing at Steamworks without being slave to a dance floor, I get to program lots of great experimental music you never hear in American gay nightclubs.”  Listen to DJ Little Rock on SoundCloud or like DJ Little Rock on Facebook.

DJ Mystic Ray

DJ Mystic Ray

DJ Mystic Ray is grateful to have an opportunity to share his musical point of view by presenting his take on East Bay Ghetto Sensibility, Afro-Centric, Erotic, Deep Space Baseline Groove Soul, Acid-Jazz, Funkadelica, Acid-House cuz “I was there!” and Punk Rock Musica-to tantalize and compliment as a backdrop to your experiences at Steamworks Berkeley.

With over 20 years of experience as an executive Chef mixing and blending the best ingredients to produce delicious results spinning hot beats comes naturally to DJ Mystic Ray as he thoughtfully chooses each song and artfully blends them together to produce delicious and decadent playlists.

Influenced throughout his life by a wide variety of musical genres and logging his fair share of time in progressive, underground dance clubs DJ Mystic Ray feels fortunate to live in this digital era, allowing him to take the best of old school turntable techniques and sounds and threading them harmoniously into the best of digital technology and musical production.

Having DJ’d in Portland, OR at Eagle PDX, Portland Pride and Crush Bar Mystic Ray can be heard regularly at Eagle San Francisco’s Sadistic Saturday Party, OMG’s Resilient Party and of course Steamworks Berkeley. Listen to DJ Mystic Ray on SoundCloud.

DJ Robbie Martin

DJ Robbie MartinWith over 25 years in the DJ industry, Robbie Martin has played and seen it all. Robbie made quite a name for himself in the DJ world, being honored as the “Best San Francisco Area DJ” for three consecutive years in 2011, 2012 and 2013 by the venerable Bay Area Reporter. “Great DJs either command or serve,” says Robbie. “I try to do both; the ideal is to play great music at the perfect times, mixed seamlessly.”

His talent stems from his love of technology, using multimedia to evoke sensual experiences by connecting his sexuality with the ear of the audience. When asked to describe his sound Robbie declares “I tailor my sound to the crowd… and at Steamworks it is all about masculinity, cruising and having sex.”

Career highlights include the Dore Alley Street Fair and the main stage of Pride in San Francisco, Market Days and IML in Chicago, and Mardi Gras, Southern Decadence and Halloween in New Orleans.

Robbie can be found online at SoundCloud, Facebook, twitter, and Instagram.