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Steamworks works closely with Gay City to be a partner in your sexual health.  With these partners we offer a variety of on site testing, outreach and counseling.

Testing and Outreach Schedule

Every Wednesday
Gay City 11 am – 2 pm Outreach and HIV/STD.

Every Friday and Saturday
Gay City 10 pm – 2 am Anonymous HIV testing.

Testing, outreach and counseling  FAQ

Q: What type of technologies does Gay City Health Project use for STI/STD & HIV testing?

A: Gay City Health Project offers 1-Minute Rapid HIV Testing (finger poke), 4th Gen Antigen/Antibody testing and screening for syphilis (blood draw). We also offer chlamydia, gonorrhea, (swabs) and Rapid Hep C screening (finger poke) for those that are eligible.

Q: Where can I get more information?

A: Gay City Health Project 517 E Pike Street Seattle, WA 98122 phone: 206-860-6969, fax: 206-860-0195 email:

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