Frequent Fuckers Rewards Program

Toronto Frequent Fuckers Rewards ProgramFrequent Fuckers Rewards Program: Toronto Guidelines

The Frequent Fuckers Rewards program is a way for members* to earn points when they visit the club. Points are awarded based on the level of their purchase or rental.

Points are awarded as follows:

Quick Trix locker rental 0.5 point
Locker rental 1 point
Standard room rental 2 points
Large room rental 2.5 points
Xtreme room rental 3 points
Xlarge room rental 3 points
30 day membership purchase 0.5 points
6 month membership purchase 1 point
VIP 30 day membership purchase 3 points
VIP 6 month membership purchase 5 points

Rewards are automatically added to member’s account* at the end of the month and must be redeemed within 30 days. Rewards are non-transferable between members. Rewards may be used towards upgrades.

Rewards are redeemable weekdays Monday 8 a.m. to Friday 4 p.m. only.

Rewards are as follows:

10 – 14.5 points Free locker rental
15 – 24.5 points Free standard room rental
25 points Free large room rental

*Membership required

Terms and conditions of this program may be changed or cancelled at any time without notice. This program does not represent a contract between Steamworks and it’s members.
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