Toronto Club Rules and Features



  • Steamworks Toronto Bag Policy is for the safety and well being of both our customers and staff. This policy will streamline our check-in process by limiting the number of items and size of bags coming in. All bags are subject to search.

  • No backpacks, luggage or suitcases or any sort of large or oversized bags are allowed into the club.

The following is permitted as part of our bag policy. Please read this carefully.

  • You may bring in ONE plastic (grocery) bag. Our clerk will need to check the inside of your bag and will not permit any of the following into the club.

  • If you bring any bag, other than a plastic bag, you will be denied entry. Our clerk needs to be able to quickly look inside your bag.

 The following items are not permitted:

  • Drugs, drug paraphernalia. See cannabis policy below *

  • Alcohol (this includes beer and wine)

  • Anything else even remotely suspicious. This includes unknown liquids, powders, or pills. If you need to bring anything like that, make sure it’s labeled and easily identifiable.

Yes, it’s legal but we prefer you keep all cannabis and cannabis paraphernalia out of the club. If it will fit in your

    lockbox, we may allow you to keep it there. If you are caught smoking anything inside the club, you will be       

    asked to leave without a refund and may not be permitted back.


  • If you leave the club for a break and take your bag out with you, the clerk will need to check it again when you re-enter the club.

  • If you have a medical condition that requires you to carry syringes to inject your medicine, our clerk will want to see the non-expired medicine before permitting syringes into the club. If we find syringes in your bag and you have no medicine for it, you will be denied entry.

  • If you are wearing a fanny pack or carrying any other small bag or purse, our clerk will search that as well before you can enter the club.

Club Features

  • Security Lock boxes at check-in. Your valuables will be secure with us.

  • Lockers, our most basic rental, provide a clean secure place to lock up your clothing while you enjoy the club.

  • Private rooms. We respect your right to play privately or in public. Private rooms are available in several sizes and most of our rooms come with lockable under bed bins.

  • All room categories include flat screen TVs, power plugs and many have a USB wall plug for powering or recharging your personal electronics.

  • Private Douche stations, located in our bathroom stalls to be used with douche hoses that are sold in our vending machines.

  • Public play areas including our labyrinth of glory holes & slurp ramps, a public sling, bunk beds and video lounges.

  • Wet area features gym-style showers.

  • 19 digital channels of the latest porn playing on flat screens in all of our rooms and on screens throughout the club. From twinks to kink and everything in between – there is something for every taste on our screens.

  • Great music pumps through the club 24/7 and we feature live DJ’s on weekends and special events, spinning our signature mix of sexy masculine grooves to get you in the mood.

  • Food and vending area with hot and cold snacks choices, free hot coffee and a variety of beverages to recharge you during your stay.

  • Modern chill lounge furnished with comfortable lounge seating and a large flat screen cable TV for a place to relax, take a break, read or socialize with other men

  • Free Wi-Fi throughout the club.

  • Free condoms are available throughout the club and for your convenience you can choose from lubed or dry.

  • Outreach, STD screening, rapid HIV testing and general men’s health support with our community health partners.



Steamworks reserves the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason.

To contact Steamworks Management, ask for a business card or visit www.SteamworksBaths.com.

Thank you for your cooperation.









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We have a strict Zero Tolerance Policy for possession and use of alcohol or drugs or any other illegal activity. Our basic bathhouse rule: If it’s illegal outside of Steamworks, it’s illegal inside of Steamworks.