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Reopening Changes for Chicago Members


You must be fully vaccinated to enter our facility. You do not need a booster to enter Steamworks at this time.

Getting a booster is still the best way to protect yourself, your community and the City of Chicago.

To find a booster provider and appointment go to

Current Vaccine Policy:


  • Show proof* of full vaccination for entry.   To be considered fully vaccinated you must be at least 14 days out from your second shot (for two shot process) or at least 14 days out from the first shown (on single shot options).

  • Acceptable methods of proving fully vaccinated status to gain entry are: Showing your completed Vaccination Card, a photo/photocopy and/or electronic proof of your vaccination records.  Your vaccination record must match your state or government issued ID name and date of birth.  This protocol will also allow all patrons to enjoy our facilities with the least number of Covid-19 restrictions


  • The only way we will document the member’s vaccination info is a note in the point of sale system.  This note is exclusively for check-in information and for internal use only.  We consider it confidential and will not share this information first without express permission from the customer. (that’s for internal purposes only. We Do Not Share any of your info)

  • This policy is in effect for all customers until further notice.


Rental Hours. All room and locker rentals will be limited to a maximum 6 hours with no renewals.

Bag Checks. Due to our limited team at reopening we need to make some changes to speed up the check-in process for everyone, therefore we are not permitting bags at this time.  Reducing the need for bag checks will allow us to properly verify all patrons fully vaccinated status to get a Steamworks membership protocol.  learn more.


We have a strict Zero Tolerance Policy for possession and use of alcohol or drugs or
any other illegal activity. Our basic bathhouse rule:
If it’s illegal outside of Steamworks, it’s illegal inside Steamworks.

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