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CHICAGO Bag Policy, Rules and Features



Steamworks Chicago 5 Item Bag Policy is for the safety and well being of both our customers and staff. This policy will streamline our check-in process by limiting the number of items and size of bags coming in. All bags are subject to search.

No backpacks, luggage or suitcases, or any sort of large or oversized bags are allowed into the club.

Steamworks Chicago allows all customers to bring one small drawstring backpack with up to five items total from the approved list below, please read this carefully:

  • A simple change of clothes, sandals/flip flops

  • Mouthwash and/or personal grooming items must be sealed and unopened to be allowed in. Razors & toiletry bags are not permitted.

  • Personal use toys such as dildos, plugs, etc.

  • Personal lubricants such a pre-mixed J-Lube. You will be asked to demonstrate that the liquid is personal lubricant.

  • One bottle of room odorizer/video head cleaner. You will be asked to open the bottle.

  • Contacts in contact solution. No additional saline solution bottles.

  • Smartphone charger, e-cigarette vaporizer

  • Occasionally, at the manager’s discretion, guests may bring prescription medication under the following condition:

    • Medication that requires injection must have the identifying prescription along with the medication you would use. Multiple syringes of any kind are not permitted.


A fanny pack or shoulder strap satchel no larger than 2” Tall x 5” Wide is permitted, and must be stored inside our security lock box along with your ID. The items allowed inside your fanny pack or satchel are contact lenses, keys, wallet, bike lock, gum/mints, Smartphone, cigarettes & lighter.


The following items are not permitted:

  • Any oversized bags, backpacks or suitcases.

  • Razors & toiletry bags are not permitted

  • Personal computers, selfie sticks, recording devices and/or video cameras, duct tape and restraints of any kind.

  • Illegal narcotics, alcohol, weapons and firearms.

  • Bags with multiple compartments/zippers.

  • Unlabeled loose powders and suspicious liquids of any kind.

  • Prescription and non-prescription pills loose or in bottles.

  • Multiple open containers/bottles of any kind are not permitted.


  • You are aware that Steamworks is a private club for gay/bi men with public nudity  and pornography.​

  • You must be 18 years of age with a valid government ID and STEAMWORKS  membership, and your name must be cleared against our 86’d list of entry.

  • This is a zero-tolerance club. The selling, possession, use of, or solicitation for  drugs, alcohol, open containers, weapons or other contraband is strictly  prohibited, and will result in immediate expulsion and notification of proper authorities. Please, inform staff if you witness any illegal activity during your visit.

  • Your bag(s) will be searched by staff before you are permitted inside the club. If  any contraband, drug, paraphernalia, weapons or alcohol are discovered, you  may be denied entry. Anyone refusing a bag search may be denied entry.

  • Persons suspected of being under the influence will be refused service.

  • You must rent a locker or a room. You can secure your locker or room with a key  provided. Steamworks is not responsible for the loss of personal items stored in  your locker or a room. We do provide use of small lockbox at front desk for  members only. It’s the safest place in the building for your small valuables  (phone, wallet, keys).

  • Lockers and rooms are rented for a set period of time. Visits of over that set time will incur additional charges.

  • Late and lost key fees are payable when incurred. Outstanding balances must be  paid in full before reentry to club.

  • Smoking of anything is not allowed inside the club, but is permitted in the  smoking tent on the rooftop.

  • Loud, harmful, violent, disorderly, disrespectful or inappropriate behavior is  prohibited.

  • Causing damage to or tampering with club facilities or property is prohibited.

  • Prostitution is strictly prohibited.

  • Sleeping in public areas is prohibited.

  • No photography or video-recording of any kind is permitted. You may bring your  cell phone into the club and you may use it discreetly at your locker or inside your  room. We ask that cell phones be set to silent/vibrate while in the club. If you are  suspected of, or caught taking photos or video, you will be asked to leave the  club without a refund.

  • For security purposes only, video recording equipment is in limited use in some public areas.

  • Steamworks will be held harmless for any actions between consenting adults in  this facility. Safer sex is always encouraged. Honest discussion, status disclosure  and negotiation are key elements of safer sex. We provide free, readily available  condoms and offer free HIV/STI testing a few times a week. (see HERE for schedule.) We encourage you to use these  resources to help you make the best decisions about your sexual health.

  • Use of steam room, sauna and other equipment and facilities is at your own risk.  Steamworks is not liable for any loss, personal injury, or deaths resulting from  misuse.

  • Please, use discretion, everyone has the expectation of privacy at Steamworks.

  • When entering Steamworks, you agree to follow all basic club rules listed above.



  • Lock boxes at check-in. Your valuables will be secure with us.

  • Lockers, our basic rental, provides a clean secure place to lock up your clothing while you enjoy the club.

  • Private rooms. We respect your right to play privately or in public. Private rooms are available in several sizes and all of our rooms come with lockable under bed bins.

  • All rooms include flat screen TVs.

  • Xlarge and Xtreme rooms which may include features like multiple TVs, slings, 42” flat screen TVs, shared doors to each other’s rooms, multiple storage compartments and other features making them well equipped for your fantasies.

  • Large, XLarge and Xtreme rooms have USB ports for charging your electronic devices.

  • Mouthwash station, a drinking fountain that dispenses mouthwash.

  • Private douche stations, located in our bathroom stalls to be used with douche hoses that are sold in our vending machines.

  • Six Public play areas on two floors including our infamous “Windy City Blowholes” with multiple TVs and private booth play areas, suck ramps, a public sling, two fuck benches, viewing area and our infamous Sexagon 6 sided glory hole booths.

  • Full gym with state-of-the-art equipment. Our Chicago gym is half of the third floor, so it’s big! It’s equipped with new cardio machines, protein drink vending machines, 20 different weight machines and full range of free weights.

  • Wet area with huge multi-man whirlpool, showers and double entrance eucalyptus steam room and two separate dry saunas on the first floor and third floors. 

  • 19 digital channels of the latest porn playing on flat screens in most of our rooms and on screens throughout the club.  From twinks to kink and everything in between there is something for every taste on our screens.

  • Great music and live DJ’s spin our signature mix of sexy masculine grooves to get you in the mood.

  • Food, and snack vending areas with hot and cold food choices and a variety of beverage machines on each floor to recharge you during your stay…

  • Fireplace lounge with a Comcast provided 65” HD TV for a place to relax and take a break or watch the latest sports event with others.

  • Free Internet kiosk and free Wi-Fi throughout the club.

  • Free lubed and non-lubed condoms are available throughout the club.

  • HIV/STI testing and outreach with our community health partners four days a week.

Steamworks does not give any refunds, and reserves the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason.

To contact Steamworks Management, ask for a business card or send us a message.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Club Bag Policy
Club Rules
Club Features

We have a strict Zero Tolerance Policy for possession and use of alcohol or drugs or
any other illegal activity. Our basic bathhouse rule:
If it’s illegal outside of Steamworks, it’s illegal inside Steamworks.


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